It gets very dark at night !

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Being so close to the sea and far away from large areas of population, we don't suffer from light pollution. This means we get to see the Milky Way clearly in the sky when there are no clouds, and have some great opportunities to experience it so dark that you can't see your hand in front of your face ! So make sure you bring along a torch or two for night manoeuvres !

Experience the wonderful and comforting feeling of sitting in front of your own campfire, and lie back looking up to see the star fabric unfold above you. Your campfire sparks gently climb towards the sky, dying out before they get to where the bats are soaring, chasing late night insects. Pure magic…. and as primeval as the dawn of man.

If you fancy star gazing, we have star charts available to borrow so you can find out where all the constellations are for yourselves.

Advice on star gazing: It is best to come here in early May or late August, for it to be dark enough at a reasonable time. In mid -June we aren't sure it actually goes dark at all, as the horizon is always bright from the sun !

For further information on how to photograph the skies at night, or on what you can use to see the stars and planets, see the BBC website and you can even watch some clips of Prof. Brian Cox (Claire likes him a lot ! so Brian if you want a free holiday just contact us :-). Follow this link
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sitting round a campfire, gazing at the stars. This is something we should all get to do with our children, to keep them in touch with our beautiful planet and develop a better understanding of ourselves in the context of the universe….
A W Smith - 4th rock from the Sun