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Welcome to Trellyn Bushcraft

Bushcraft is about creating powerful relationships that should connect you with our natural world, through learning the traditional skills that people have used since the beginning of time. We not only connect ourselves with our own history but we can develop a deeper, more respectful and exciting relationship with the Earth. You don't have to be Ray Mears, this is about learning more about your environment here in the UK and above all about having fun.
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Choose from one of our courses that we are running this year. We keep our course groups small, so a more in-depth coverage of the subjects can be achieved and we are able to take everyone along at their own ability and speed. If you want to do something special or cover a certain area let us know with the enquiry form and we will do our best to assist.

Course 1: Introduction to fire lighting and fire by friction 3 1/2 hour course.

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This aimed at the whole family and individuals a like. The course starts with the history of fire making and introduces through practical sessions, ways of starting fires by various different methods. This culminates in a demonstration and having a go yourself at making fire by friction with a traditional bow and drill.
By the end of this you should understand the fundamentals to fire enabling you to start fires faster and more effective use as a tool.

Course 3: Introduction to knife craft full day course 6 hours plus.

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Basically the same as the 3 hour course to start with and then continues so we are able to assess everyones ability. In addition we cover knife sharpening and all areas are covered in more depth. This culminates in everyone taking on a project suiting their ability and includes spoon and spatula making. This is better suited to teenagers and older but some younger ones have done really well the have been practical

Course 2: Introduction to knife craft and whittling 3 1/2 hour course

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This is not suitable for children under 10 as sharp knives are used and we don't want to spoil your holiday with any "accidents". We introduce you to knife law, safety and use of a fixed blade Bush knife and whittling knives. Basic and advance cutting methods and the opportunity to make a whistle and other small quick projects within the timescales. Adult supervision is required per child unless there is a history of whittling.

Important information:

Fire Lighting Course

The fire lighting course is great for all ages and full family involvement. It is though very much parent/guardians responsibility to assess whether their child is mature enough to understand and the concept of fire making and fire safety. Generally from the age of 5-6 is good whilst younger children may enjoy watching and we don't object with up to 1 child per adult up to the age of 5 partaking for free.

These groups are up to 12-14 and will involve a certain amount of working in pairs.

Please note:

we are unable to take children below 11 without family adult supervision (max 3 per adult for of fire making and 1 to 1 for knife craft. This is for safety and maximum
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