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Holiday Terms and Conditions

These are our terms and conditions of booking
By paying a deposit or full payment you accept the following:

Trellyn Woodland Camping is the trading name of Trellyn Limited that provides this holiday. We (Trellyn Limited) operate under the following:

Membership to the Greener Camping Club and why?
We are situated in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which is a wonderfully unspoilt area due to limited development through tight planning control. As a result we are only able to operate as a GCC members only site. This means we have an obligation to ensure all guests are members of the issuing authority namely the Greener Camping Club. The good news is we can join you up for just £ 12.00 for the season. This is non-refundable in the event of cancellation for any cause what so ever.

Please note: Membership runs for the season - 1st of January to the end of December each calendar year. This is non-refundable in the event of cancellation for any cause what so ever.

Arrival times
There are lots of jobs that we need to do in between departures and arrivals to ensure your holiday is the best we can achieve for you. These include tidying up the pitches, mowing grass and not least, cleaning and preparing the pitches and glamping structures ready for our next guests, particularly with Covid-19 being part of our lives.

To this end, please help us by sticking to the arrival and departure times:

On arrival day
The camping pitches and structures are available from 3pm and you must arrive before 8.00 pm so as not to disrupt other guests. Please let us know if you are delayed for any reason so we may make arrangements.

Whilst on holiday, onsite
We are an owner run campsite providing low impact easy-going holidays and we need to have a few onsite rules to ensure everyone has a great time. They can be viewed here.(link to site rules).

On departure day
Please vacate camping pitches by 11am and glamping units by 10am.

We request a 50% deposit when booking your holiday. Confirmed receipt of the deposit and a completed reservation form secures your booking. Reservations are held for up to three days provisionally, after which if we have not received your deposit the dates will be released again. The balance is requested 6 weeks prior to your arrival date (an email reminder will be sent). For short lead-time bookings - ie. those booked less than 6 weeks before arrival, the full amount will be requested to secure the booking.

Why do we request payment in advance?
We realise that we do things a little differently from other campsites. The reason for the deposit is that we only ever let a maximum of 6 camping pitches and the 6 glamping structures - and in doing so try to limit up to a maximum number of persons at any one time. This way we ensure your enjoyment of this place by not overloading the facilities and avoiding queues for anything (a rarity here). And in case you are wondering whether we are tempted to 'up' the numbers - the answer is a definite 'no'. We like it just the way it is and so do all the people who return to us year after year.

Please note for those wishing to have friends or extended family join them for the week, even if they are sharing one of our larger pitches in the meadow, each family are required to fill in and treat the reservation as a new and separate booking if in doubt, please just ask for clarification.

Cancellation by you
If you cancel your camping or glamping holiday 6 weeks or more before your arrival date, we will refund your monies less a £40 admin fee*. If you cancel your camping or glamping holiday 6 weeks or less before your arrival date and we are able to re-let your pitch/yurt for the dates you have booked, we will refund your deposit and balance less a £40 admin fee*. In the event that we are unable re-let your dates, no refund will be made. If you are worried about the prospect of cancelling, please take out holiday insurance. Bookings are not transferable without our prior agreement by email, in writing.

If you request a full refund you will be refunded the amount less the £40 admin fee*

* The admin fee includes the processing and joining of the Greener Camping Club membership of £12, membership still continues in any case.

Cancellation by us
We reserve the right to cancel a camping or yurt holiday at short notice if we are unable to provide accommodation or camping environment, ill health, fire, flooding or any other extenuating circumstances beyond our control. Under such circumstances, your full payment will be returned to you less the £12 Greener Camping Club membership. We cannot accept liability or responsibility for any loss, including consequential loss, caused by cancellation. We suggest you have an adequate holiday insurance policy to cover these other eventualities.

We reserve the right to cancel your holiday if we are put in to lockdown or if we or any of our staff are put in a position that makes keeping the site open unsafe. In this event you will be offered a postponement if you keep your payment with us or refund all monies less the £12 Greener Camping Club fee.

There are many opportunities for play and adventure on our small holding. Our aim is for children to have a truly enriching experience of space and freedom. But because we are a working farm (albeit a small holders version) there are contingent risks to be aware of.
We allow (in fact we encourage) campfires, we have a couple of axes for making kindling and splitting firewood, the glamping structures have wood burning stoves, there is a shallow stream on our land as well as 2 ponds. We have sheep and various chores to do in the Summer - so there are tractors and machinery around. These risks are small and should be self-evident - but if you are not clear, please ask! Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children on site at all times.

Consideration for Others
This is a peaceful, quiet campsite for the enjoyment of nature. We do not allow generators, amplified music that can be heard off anybody’s pitch, and only quiet talking is permitted after 10pm. Noisy visitors who persistently disturb other guests will be asked politely to leave, without refund (this has happened once). If you are out for the night and arrive back late, please consider other campers and if necessary park by the wood yard to avoid disturbance.

We have a procedure for dealing with members who break the club or site rules and these will be followed. Persistent offenders maybe reported to the police of face a ban from the Greener Camping Club.

Day Visitors
Are only permitted by prior agreement for the safety and consideration of other customers.

Recycling & Rubbish
A condition of camping here is that you separate glass, cans, plastic, paper, cardboard etc. placing them in the special bins provided. What is left, ie. anything that is not recyclable can be placed in the landfill bin.

Badgers, Foxes and other wildlife
It's nice to know that you might get a glimpse of both of these creatures. At night you'll probably hear them scurrying around for sure. The problem is that they are looking for an easy feast and may try to raid your food stocks and recycling. One or two simple precautions will help. Put your food in suitable, hard containers and your recycling in the bins provided. Don’t leave food scraps lying around and make sure your tent is zipped up at bedtime.

Property loss
We cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen property.

Smoking policy
All the tent structures and all the undercover facilities are strictly NO SMOKING. If you smoke, do it outside and dispose of your cigarette ends in the campfire or bin. Thanks.

Campfires & firewood
Please only use the designated campfire places and do not enlarge or alter the position of the designated campfire places. Do not leave your campfire unattended and think carefully about whether or not to light a fire if it is windy. We reserve the right to ban open flames, campfires etc. In the event of high fire risk . Fires are only permitted when possible and safe and are not guaranteed as part of your camping holiday.

Dog policy
Sorry, we don’t accommodate dogs, no matter how well behaved or lovely, sorry. (actually we do take guide dogs with a registered blind person providing a dog basket is used (for the dog :-))

Chemical toilet disposal
If you bring a portable toilet and wish to dispose of the contents, WE DO NOT ALLOW disposal in our septic tank or any flushing toilet on-site.

Please dispose of in our dedicated CDP container as marked on our site plan.

Additional Terms & Conditions specific to the glamping

Firewood & gas
Firewood for the wood-burning stove and campfire - and gas for the camp kitchen cooker is included in the price of the holiday. They represent a significant cost to us and are provided on a 'fair-usage basis'. Please use the firewood and gas thoughtfully and never leave anything aflame if you are not in attendance.

Accidental damages
Should any significant damage or breakage occur, other than acceptable wear and tear, a charge for replacement may be made. We reserve the right to charge for excessive cleaning where a glamping structure has been left in an unacceptable condition, through waste, litter, interference in the structure, movement of furniture and contents etc. Guests will be held responsible for any fire, smoke or general damage, or alteration to the structure caused by negligence.

Dated 5 November 2020
Fire ban/conditions and correction of gcc price added 22/07/2022
Covid terms removed 18/04/23

TRELLYN ® is a registered trademark. Trade Mark No: UK00003661524. It cannot be used in connection with camping or outdoor activities, products, accommodation, glamping or campsites in UK without written permission.

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